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Best Beaches in Maine with Boardwalks & Piers

Photo by Patrick Lalonde

Maine is divided into numerous separate areas, each with its own culture and traditions. Visitors may discover their great vacation destination in York Harbor at a cozy seaside resort, such as Stage Neck Inn. Strolling along Main Street in a lively city or town can make you feel like you’re in another world.

Maine is an especially great choice for nature-lovers, thanks to miles of coastline, hundreds of lakes, countless rivers, and deep forests. Maine is also noted for offering a wide range of active leisure activities throughout the year, from swimming and boating in the summer to skiing in the winter.

Top Beaches in Maine with Boardwalks

Nothing beats walking along the boardwalk on a beautiful summer’s day. Maine is one of the most gorgeous states in New England and there are plenty of must-see beaches with boardwalks and piers to give you the ultimate shore-side experience.

With that in mind, today, we’ll take a look at the top 7 places you should visit!

Old Orchard Beach Pier and Boardwalk

At Old Orchard Beach, there’s a wooden pier with a variety of restaurant, retail, and entertainment options, as well as the seashore Palace Playground, the only amusement park of its sort left in New England.

On the Downeaster, the city of Portland is only 20 minutes away, so you can enjoy your day on the beach and an exciting evening in the city.

Bar Harbor Town Pier

The pier in Bar Harbor is the hub of action, with lots of stores to browse and restaurants to enjoy. Watch the boats arrive, then sit on the park green and enjoy the sun.

You can take a stroll along the pier, take in the sights of downtown, and stop by one of the many wonderful coffee shops. Because it is such a popular beach, keep in mind that parking might be difficult to come by on weekends.

Maine State Pier

On Portland’s waterfront, this public pier spans seven acres. It was constructed between 1921 and 1923. Locals and visitors alike give the restored ferry station at the pier two thumbs up!

If you’re a music lover, you’ll especially enjoy visiting Maine State Pier, as this pier has a music venue located right next to the water. It’s a beautiful place to enjoy an afternoon or evening concert.

Chipman’s Wharf

Chipman’s Wharf is located near Milbridge, Maine, on the northern coast of Maine, facing Narraguagus Bay. It’s known to have some of the best seafood on the East coast!

You’ll be able to visit a lobster processing area, where fishermen explain the process of capturing lobster. After a delicious meal, visitors can stretch their legs on the nearby dock, keeping in mind that it’s still currently in active use.

Clifton Dock

Clifton Dock is a beautiful site for many boaters, especially on a sunny afternoon. Seeing the port and docks during low tide with all of the gorgeous boats, the waves, the fish, and the birds really gives a realistic look of what the shore-side of Maine is like.

Previous visitors have praised the kindness and customer service from the staff in the area who are willing to help boaters fuel up before a trip. There is also plenty of free parking available.

Custom House Wharf

While visiting Portland, the Custom House Wharf is a “must-see” attraction. Because it hasn’t experienced much development, this is the most historic of Portland’s wharves. There are still two rows of decrepit 1930s buildings that house fish sellers, eateries, and small businesses.

Apart from the structures like Custom House, the wharf waterfront still has several open restaurants and shops. Seafood is supplied to the dock daily and delivered to neighboring restaurants. There’s no denying why this is one of the best beaches in Maine with boardwalks.

Gardiner Waterfront

Whether you’re launching a boat into the Kennebec River, watching a concert, simply taking a walk along the shoreline, or sitting and watching the world go by, this is a pleasant place to visit. Picnic tables and seats are available in abundance. A tiny garden, along with a mystical fairy garden, may be found by taking a short stroll into the woods. There is a weekly car show as well as music events during the summer. Visit one of the top beaches in Maine with boardwalks like Gardiner Waterfront if you’re looking for something a little more lowkey.

Discover the top beaches with boardwalks in Maine today. You’re sure to find a new favorite getaway.

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