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Drive-In Movie Theaters in Southern Maine

When you vacation in southern Maine, the list of activities to try is nearly endless. Throughout the region, you can find all kinds of opportunities for swimming, hiking, shopping, dining, or simply taking in the beautiful seaside views. 

If you’re looking to have a truly unique experience in southern Maine, make room on your itinerary for a visit to one of the nearby drive-in movie theaters. There are three popular drive-ins in the region, each of which offers its own unique charm and local history. Take a look at their schedules once you get into town to see whether you can catch one of your favorite flicks drive-in style.

1. Saco Drive-In 

The Saco Drive-In has been operating in Saco, Maine, since 1939, which means it’s been providing entertainment in the area for multiple generations. Many visitors choose the Saco Drive-In for its double features and the delicious food available at the concession stand. As you enjoy your movie, you can chow down on classic drive-in food like pretzel sticks, popcorn, chicken fries, candy, and much more.

The Saco Drive-In is also located across the street from Aquaboggan Water Park, a popular destination in the summertime. If you’re visiting during the summer, you could make a day of it and kick back for a movie after a long day of fun at the water park. 

2. Prides Corner Drive-In

Another well-known option in southern Maine for the drive-in movie experience is Prides Corner Drive-In. This spot is located in Westbrook, roughly 45 minutes north of York, and it has a distinctly vintage vibe that both locals and visitors love. At Prides Corner Drive-In, double features are a regular occurrence, and visitors can grab some tasty treats at the snack bar. 

Check out the Prides Corner Drive-In schedule of movies to find out whether they’re showing one of your favorites during your stay. You can find a variety of events taking place here throughout the spring and summer months, as well as some Halloween special features as autumn rolls around.  

3. Skylite Drive-In

Located in nearby Madawaska, the Skylite Drive-In is a great spot to have a date night during your Maine vacation. Alternatively, you can simply come to enjoy some great entertainment with friends and family. 

This drive-in theater is surrounded by trees, making it feel very insulated and cozy as you enjoy your movie from the comfort of your car. Visitors of all ages are welcome, and the Skylite Drive-In offers tasty food options for purchase so you can snack as you view.

Tips for a Great Drive-In Movie Experience

With such great options in southern Maine, you’re sure to have the drive-in movie night of your dreams during your trip. Here are a few helpful tips to make the most of your visit to the drive-in.

Get There Early 

When you arrive early for your showing, you’ll have a better chance of getting a good spot. Though the screen should be big enough to see from even the back row, your viewing experience will be better up close.

Bring Plenty of Blankets and Pillows

Nights at the drive-in can be long, especially if you’re seeing a double feature. Bring lots of blankets and pillows to stay comfortable and cozy in your car. 

Pack Snacks or Bring Cash

If you’re planning a trip to the concession stand, make sure to keep cash on you, as some food vendors don’t accept credit cards. If you prefer, you can always save your cash and bring your favorite movie snacks from home. 

With all the right gear and some tasty snacks, you’re on your way to having an excellent time at the drive-in. 

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