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Planning the Perfect Family Reunion in Maine

Family reunions bring together those you love most to make brand-new memories that you’ll cherish forever. If your next family reunion is taking place in Maine, you’re in luck, as the state offers several unique advantages over other common family reunion spots.

On that note, here are seven key tips you should know about when you’re in charge of planning a family reunion in southern Maine:

Send Invitations Out in Advance

The last thing you want is for your reunion to feel rushed or chaotic. But the good news is that you can avoid that kind of outcome by inviting your family members as early as possible.

We recommend setting a date for your family reunion as close to a year in advance as possible. Your family members might be coming from all over the country, which means they need ample time to plan their schedules. Sending out invites and asking for timely RSVPs well in advance will also help you get an accurate headcount and budget effectively.

Make a Realistic Budget for the Trip

Being in charge of setting up your family reunion also means being in charge of the event’s budget. With that in mind, it’s important to be realistic about what your family can afford.

The first step in budgeting for a family reunion is to designate who is paying for what. For example, you might be covering the venue and lodging while another family member pays for food and drinks. Always ask each contributor what their upper spending limit is so that there are no surprises down the road that lead you and your loved ones to dip into savings accounts.

Pick the Perfect Southern Maine Venue

Southern Maine is a gorgeous destination for your next family reunion. Not only are there plenty of fun things to do during every season, but there are also wonderful lodging options available.

Stage Neck Inn offers a comprehensive list of benefits for family vacationers, and our private event spaces serve as the perfect venues for family reunions. We have on-site activities and amenities that give every visitor an unforgettable experience.

We also offer catering options for large parties and events like family reunions, so you don’t even need to concern yourself with things like food and refreshments. When it comes to picking the perfect southern Maine venue, Stage Neck Inn just makes sense.

Create an Activity Schedule

Even if your family enjoys relaxed, flexible activities, it’s still a good idea to put together a loose activity schedule. Take a survey of your family members’ wishes for the reunion. Maybe some of them are interested in water sports, like kayaking and fishing. Others might prefer indoor activities like arcade gaming and shopping.

Whatever they choose, know that Maine has no shortage of wonderful options. You’ll need to make appropriate reservations, appointments, and rentals in advance, though, so deciding on a few fun things to do ahead of time will help you make your plans accordingly.

Choose Something Special to Symbolize the Reunion

Some families choose matching t-shirts as a way to commemorate their special event. Others may opt for rental photo booths or party bags. We recommend picking at least one thing that will forever symbolize your family reunion. That way, when you look back, you’ll remember the smiles, laughter, and family bonding you all shared together.

Consider an Unplugged Reunion

Smartphones are part of most of our everyday lives now. But you have the best chance of connecting with your family members if you leave your device somewhere else for the day. Other than necessary communication, try to avoid using your phone during the family reunion and encourage your family members to do the same.

A good way to achieve that is by having something like a phone basket present. Everyone will drop their phone off in the basket at the beginning of the reunion and get it back toward the end (except in cases of emergencies, of course). If you still want to be able to take photos, consider renting a photo booth or using digital cameras.

Incorporate the Beach

Maine has beautiful beaches that are sure to offer an unforgettable, scenic experience for your family reunion. Book a beach day with your entire family and enjoy yourselves as you watch the waves and kick back on the white sands.

You can ensure everyone has an enjoyable time at the beach by making sure to pack plenty of sunscreen, snacks, and water. Consider bringing large coolers so that everyone can soak up the sun while staying safe and hydrated!

Cherish Your Family Memories Together in Southern Maine

There’s nothing more fulfilling than gathering around your family members and sharing a good time together. Southern Maine is the ideal location for your next family reunion, so don’t wait to start planning. As you catch up and create new wonderful memories, you’ll be glad you put so much effort into planning the occasion ahead of time.

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