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Things to Do in Maine in June

There are so many things to do in Maine in June. It’s hard to know where to begin once you have a grasp of all of your options. From moose and lobster to museums and beaches, there’s really something for everyone. This is just the beginning. For the most insightful and detailed ideas, ask a Mainer (local).

1. Oh, the Things You’ll Feast Upon!

Of all of the things to do in Maine in June, eating has got to be the most popular and readily accessible, so we figured, hey, why not start with that? You’ve heard of our famous lobster for sure, but how about Holy Donuts or pier fries?

Maine Lobster

Every summer, maturing lobsters molt from their old, small, hard shells and begin crafting a new, roomier shell that’s a lot softer. Soft-shell summertime lobsters crack easier, and the lobster’s flavor is even more delicious. 

Maine’s clear, cold waters and rocky sea bottoms are the best in the world for producing the ideal lobster, which is why ours are world famous. A lot of Maine lobstermen set their pots from about June to October because lobsters are usually closer to shore, more numerous, and the work is a lot easier than dealing with icy decks and freezing waters. If you really want the full experience, book a lobster boat tour with one of our local lobstermen for one of the best things to do in Maine in June!

And if you don’t want to do all of that work, consider the famous Maine lobster roll. Each purveyor of these fine comestibles has their own recipe, but don’t hesitate to find your favorite by trying them all. Drop by a Holy Donuts shop for out-of-this-world treats, or get a box of pier fries whenever you’re beachside. You won’t regret it.

2. Wild Excursions

Surf fishing, parasailing, surfing, and paddleboard day trips are all great options for the outdoorsy type, but you don’t have to be Indiana Jones to enjoy Maine’s spectacular great outdoors. You can grab the binoculars and camera for a little moose, bird, or whale watching. You can just as easily book a whale-watching tour for amazing memory-making as you can arrange for local hiking and biking. 

Whale Watching

The whale-watching season goes from about mid-spring to October, so summer is the perfect time to book a tour out on the water. You may sight Minke, Northern Fin, and even Northern Humpback whales. The North Atlantic Right Whale is less common, being endangered (fewer than 500 are estimated to exist worldwide).

Moose Safaris

The next-most-famous icon of the Maine landscape is the moose, which can usually be found in wet and boggy areas closer to Maine’s western region, as they love mountains and lakes. They are pretty common in the Maine Highlands, the Kennebec Valley, and Aroostook county. 

Ask about Lazy Tom Bog, or head on over to Baxter State Park for a great chance to see moose in the wild. If you’d rather make a few days of it, there’s always the camping option. The best sites for moose watching include Lily Bay, Mount Blue, and Rangeley Lake State Parks. 

The best moose-spotting times are at sunrise and sunset from about May to July, although their antlers aren’t fully formed until the breeding season in the fall. Imagine going on a photo safari to capture images of one of these big, beautiful creatures! You can find a reliable guide by booking a moose safari with a local Maine outfitter.

Can’t-Miss Beaches

Ogunquit Beach is the ideal expression of a New England beach, with very fine white sands, gently waving beach grass, all kinds of concessions, and rentals of anything you could possibly desire to have at the beach. Let the beachcomber in you wander freely along this three-mile seaside paradise. 

Goose Rocks Beach doesn’t have lifeguards or showers because it’s adjacent to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge. This means you’ll probably see harbor seals lazing away the sunny afternoons in the warm sand while hermit crabs make themselves busy in the surf and tide pools.

Crescent Beach boasts a few picnic areas and a playground, plus paddleboard and kayak rentals. You can skip rocks or go for a swim, and don’t forget to grab a lobster roll at one of the local eateries.

3. A Few More Urbane Things to Do in Maine in June

If your idea of finding things to do in Maine in June is a little less rugged, consider visiting an old-fashioned restaurant like the Goldenrod or going for a stroll around the John Sedgley Homestead. Built in 1715, it’s the oldest homestead in the state. But here are a few more ideas.

Trolley Museum

The Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport is owned and operated by the New England Electric Railway Historical Society. It is not only the oldest but also the largest mass transit vehicle museum in the world. Most of the exhibits are trolleys and trams, but the museum boasts a total of 250 exhibits that include trains and buses from all over the world.

Maine Maritime Museum

Located in Bath, Maine, the Maine Maritime Museum’s exhibits span more than four centuries of Maine maritime history, including how shipbuilding techniques have developed over the years. The museum sprawls over 20 acres and includes America’s only remaining complete historic shipyard, complete with its five original buildings. You can watch a demonstration of traditional wooden-boat–building techniques, take a lighthouse cruise, go on a trolley tour, see a pirate ship, and much more.

Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Observatory

Named for Henry Knox, America’s first Secretary of War, legendary and historic Fort Knox is one of the most significant fortifications on the New England coast. The facility’s hours vary depending on the day of the week, and there is a gift shop and education center on the grounds.

4. Whatever You Choose…

There’s so much to do here that it’s impossible to list it all. Rest assured that as you get out there and try one or a few things, you’ll find plenty more to do. June is one of the best times to experience Maine in all its beauty, so wherever you start your journey, you’ll find there’s always more to do.

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