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Honeymoon in Maine

When newlyweds choose where to go on their honeymoon, they usually have a few non-negotiables in mind. Some of these could include beautiful sights, a sense of privacy, fun activities to explore, and lots of opportunities for romance.

Maine checks all these boxes and more, which is why many couples enjoy visiting the state for their honeymoon. 

Why Honeymoon in Maine?

Interested in what a honeymoon in Maine might look like? Here’s why Maine is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

Incredible Ocean Views

Much of Maine is right on the coast of the Atlantic, which means a beautiful and inviting beach is never more than a short drive away. And if you choose to stay somewhere like Stage Neck Inn in York, you can enjoy picturesque ocean and harbor views every morning. 

You could visit a stunning cliffside to simply take it all in or spend the day lying on the sand on one of Maine’s inviting sandy beaches. Additionally, many of Maine’s best beaches are within walking distance of shops, restaurants, and other entertainment to explore right on the water.

Plenty of Hikes and Nature Walks

If you and your new spouse are outdoorsy, you’ll love how many opportunities there are in Maine for hiking in the nearby wilderness or taking a scenic walk in nature. Along the coast of Maine, you can find a variety of hiking trails and nature walks, including Fisherman’s Walk, Lafcadio’s Woods Preserve, and Fuller Forest Preserve.

Traveling inland will reveal several more hiking spots. From Goodwin Forest to the Mount Agamenticus Trailhead, you won’t run out of new trails to try during your honeymoon.

Gorgeous Weather

It’s no secret that Northeastern winters can be cold and rainy, so most visitors opt for late spring, summer, or early fall. If you’re looking to schedule your honeymoon during these times of year, you’ll enjoy beautiful weather in Maine during your stay.

Late spring and early fall are known for the crisp, cool air, while summertime is full of bright, sunny days without too much heat or humidity. 

Quaint Towns to Visit

While many of Maine’s cities are very modern and thriving, the state is also home to some of the country’s oldest towns, which are full of local history and unique features to explore. 

Towns like York, Kittery, and Ogunquit have been essential to Maine’s seaside culture for centuries. If you’re a history buff, you’ll enjoy looking at and visiting the many original buildings still standing in these towns from generations ago. You’ll take some incredible memories and newly learned facts back home with you!  

Romantic Activities for Your Maine Honeymoon

Now that you understand why Maine makes an incredible honeymoon destination, here are a few must-haves for your itinerary. A combination of these fun activities will make for a truly memorable getaway. 

Enjoy a Local Wine Tasting

Going on your honeymoon is worth plenty of celebration, which is why you should book a tasting at one of the local Maine wineries to toast to your love. 

Whether you’re a wine expert or a total novice, you’ll enjoy tasting the many unique vintages out of the Northeast at wineries like Coastal Wine Ogunquit. If beer or spirits are more your speed, you could try out a few local brews at Some Brewing Company or Wiggly Bridge Distillery. 

Take a Whale Watching Tour

Did you know that mid-spring through mid-autumn is whale season in Maine? If your honeymoon is between April and October, your trip to Maine won’t be complete without finding time to glimpse the whales.

Several different species visit the coast of Maine during this season, including blue whales, humpback whales, North Atlantic whales, and many more. Book a tour with a local expert to learn more about these animals and see them in all their glory. Also See: A Quick Guide to Whale Watching Near York, Maine

Savor the Fresh Seafood

As you can probably guess, the coast of Maine has some of the freshest, tastiest seafood around. If you’ve been dying to try some of the classic New England dishes like clam chowder and lobster boils, Maine has some of the best around. 

Check out the local seafood restaurants nearby for an authentic Maine dining experience.

Picnic at the Nubble Light

There’s nothing more charming and quintessentially New England than a lighthouse, and Maine is home to several. One of the most popular for visitors is the Nubble Light, located near York.

The Nubble Light is worth a visit just to see it, but you could make a day out of it by packing a lunch and enjoying each other’s company on the lawn by the legendary lighthouse.

Create Amazing Honeymoon Memories in Maine

An incredible honeymoon is waiting for you and your other half in Maine. You won’t regret spending this special time together in such a memorable place!

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