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Maine Oyster Trail

Oysters are a prized food that can be found all along the coastal New England area. Maine is home to some of the best oysters and there is a group, known as the Maine Oyster Trail, that is working to promote and ensure that the wonderful tradition of oyster harvesting continues for generations to come.

Oysters are a part of Maine’s history as you can find records dating back as early as the 1600s when they were found and harvested by Native Americans and European settlers. They were used both as food and currency between colonists and Native Americans in treaties.

In Maine, you will find an abundance of fresh seafood including the delicious and succulent oysters. They are a popular food ingredient that can be found at many restaurants – especially during the summer months when they are abundant due to being so close to the coastlines.

Maine oysters are known for their sweet taste and firm texture. The briny Maine waters create an incredibly dense meat that holds up well to cooking methods including frying, grilling, baking or roasting. Maine oysters pair well with local ingredients including Maine potatoes, seafood and even Maine lobster!

Maine Oysters

One of the best ways to experience Maine is by boat. Through the Maine Oyster Trail, you can plan a guided boat trip to see an oyster farm and eat the oysters straight from the ocean. This trail consists of places where you can stop and visit farms that produce award-winning oysters with some of them having tours for visitors interested in seeing how they are grown.

The Maine Oyster Trail offers a variety of experiences, including farm tours, boat & kayak tours, cooking classes, and more. If you cannot make a visit to one of the farms, many restaurants serve Maine oysters so you can sample a fresh and tasty appetizer.

For more information about the Maine Oyster Trail, see the Trail Map or find your perfect experience via the Maine Oyster Trip Planner.

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