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Romantic Things to Do in York, Maine for Couples

When you’re in love, almost anything can be romantic, from strolling on a moonlit beach to sharing a hot dog from a street vendor. However, if you’re looking to leave the demands of daily life behind so you can sneak in some quality time with that special someone, York, Maine, is one of the best spots in New England to get away from it all and hibernate with your honey.

Snuggling up in a cozy hotel and ordering room service while you enjoy ocean views is fine, but you might also be keen to get out and enjoy the environs. Luckily, there are plenty of romantic things to do in York, Maine, that you’ll definitely want to add to the list for your romantic getaway.

  1. Take a Trolley Sightseeing Tour
  2. Dive into Delectable Seafood
  3. Partake of Local Tastings
  4. Book a Whale Watching Tour
  5. Picnic at the Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse
  6. Choose Romantic, Luxury Accommodations
  7. Book a Spa Day

Take a Trolley Sightseeing Tour

If you’ve never been to York before, one of the first things you should do is hop on a retro open-air trolley to enjoy a scenic tour of the town and learn about its history and hot spots. You’ll not only discover the most popular places with beachside and scenic tours, but guides sprinkle in some hidden gems that are off the beaten path.

Cushioned bench seats deliver a comfortable ride with nostalgic vibes, and the salty sea breezes, sounds of the surf, and picturesque views set the tone for a relaxing vacay with your partner. While there’s no shortage of romantic things to do in York, Maine, a trolley tour is a great way to kick off a memorable trip.

Dive into Delectable Seafood

Clambakes and lobster boils are the stuff of legend on the New England coastline, and while you’re unlikely to hire a catering company for a luxe clambake on the beach (since it’s just the two of you), you don’t have to forego outstanding seafood in a more romantic setting.

The Shearwater restaurant at the Stage Neck Inn not only offers stunning ocean views in a posh dining room, but also an expansive menu offering tons of mouthwatering seafood dishes.

When it comes to romantic things to do in York, Maine, it’s hard to argue with sipping wine and dining on local oysters, jumbo scallops, or twin lobster tails at a candlelit table for two.

Partake of Local Tastings

New England may not compete with France or Napa when it comes to expansive wine regions, but a brilliant system of cultivating hybrid grapes that are resistant to both humidity and cold has resulted in an impressive array of unique and respected vintages. Hit up Coastal Wine Ogunquit to sample some truly delicious vintages in a bright, breezy tasting room that channels the laid-back, Napa vibe.

If wine’s not your bag (or bottle), you can sip local beer, from IPAs and ambers, to PBJ and Pumpkin Whoopie Pie stouts at Some Brewing Company.

Or if spirits are more your preference, Wiggly Bridge Distillery has you covered for romantic things to do in York, Maine, with enticing, small batch vodka, rum, dry gin, and bottled in bond bourbon whiskey.

Book a Whale Watching Tour

While you could spend your time watching the ocean waves from land, it’s a rare visitor to the Maine coastline that avoids partaking of watery delights. Among the most romantic things to do in York, Maine, between the months of April and October is a whale-watching excursion.

Set out for the day on a guided tour that will take you through coastal waters, with the chance of spotting a range of migratory pilot, minke, humpback, finback, blue, and North Atlantic whales. A day listening to their enchanting songs and watching them slap fins and flukes on the water is a truly magical experience to share.

Picnic at the Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse

There’s something surprisingly romantic about lighthouses. Perhaps it’s the charming architecture, the solitude of a single building perched on a promontory, or the waves crashing on the rocks with reckless abandon.

Regardless, among the many romantic things to do in York, Maine, is a trip to the Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse. Although the building itself isn’t open to the public, you can visit nearby Sohier Park to enjoy views of the lighthouse and take selfies with the iconic, 41-foot tower.

Pack a picnic and perch on the rocks, grass, or benches to enjoy the weather and beautiful ocean views.

Choose Romantic, Luxury Accommodations

After a long day of sightseeing, wine tasting, and walking on the beach hand-in-hand, you’ll want to return to a comfortable and inviting home base where you can kick back amid luxury accommodations and enjoy tranquil ocean views. It turns out that one of the most romantic things to do in York, Maine is to stay in for the night.

The Stage Neck Inn, located at the south end of York Harbor Beach, offers unimpeded ocean views on three sides and easy access to the shoreline. A range of intimate guest rooms offers the opportunity to find the perfect luxury accommodations for your romantic vacation, with Oceanfront, Harborview, and other deluxe room options.

You can also choose from packages designed to elevate relaxation and romance, with amenities like champagne or Maine CBD waiting in your room upon arrival. When you check in, feel free to make use of the indoor and outdoor pools, hot tub, sauna, and tennis courts, or simply slip into provided terry robes for immediate comfort and relaxation.

Book a Spa Day

There are few activities more soothing than spa treatments like massages and facials, whether you go as a couple or opt for solo pampering before you reunite in total relaxation and bliss.

The Stage Neck Inn Spa delivers the calming balance you crave with signature, hot stone, deep tissue, and other massage types, including a couples massage.

The hydrating, aromatic facial is sure to erase all worries, or you can opt for a package designed to deliver the tension-melting indulgence that makes your romantic getaway one of a kind.

A Romantic Getaway in Maine

When love is in the air, you needn’t try hard to find romance, but when you visit York, Maine, you’ll discover a wealth of romantic adventures around every corner. With options for upscale wining and dining, tours and seaside strolls, and luxury accommodations, this coastal retreat is the perfect place for your romantic getaway.

Stage Neck Inn is an iconic destination where families and friends share delightful experiences that evolve into lifetime memories. Offering spacious accommodations with modern amenities and classic décor, breathtaking ocean and harbor views and the ocean’s relaxing sounds make for the perfect stay at our oceanfront resort in York Harbor, ME. Book your stay online now.