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7 Things to Do In & Near Wells, Maine on a Rainy Day

You’ve finally arrived in the gorgeous town of Wells, Maine. Welcome! You might be facing a tough problem, though — it’s a rainy day. This means you can’t go experience the great outdoors today, and that’s okay. There are plenty of engaging and meaningful things to do in Wells, Maine, on a rainy day. 

Check out these indoor activities that provide plenty of fun and entertainment for the whole family!

  1. Seacoast Science Center
  2. The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire
  3. Flagship Cinemas
  4. Boardwalk Arcade
  5. Ogunquit Museum of Art
  6. Portsmouth Historical Society
  7. Woodman Museum

Seacoast Science Center

The Seacoast Science Center is located at 570 Ocean Boulevard in Rye, NH. It’s about a 30 minute drive from Wells, ME, but a perfect stop for the family any day that brings undesirable weather. 

Children and adults alike can delight in the diverse marine wildlife on display at the Seacoast Science Center. They offer personalized interactions with sea life to encourage curiosity and hands-on learning. What more could you need from your vacation with your kids?

The Seacoast Science Center has numerous free digital resources to help children learn about sea life and environmental science. Conservation and education are their two biggest goals, and you can help achieve them by visiting. This is one of the most engaging things to do in Wells, Maine, on a rainy day!

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

Also about a 30 minute drive from Wells, The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire offers a fun and interactive experience for kids of all ages. From toddlers to school-aged children, everyone can have some fun and learn something new at this museum. 

The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire has several exhibits that foster learning through play and exploration. From nature exhibits to world culture displays, your children are sure to expand their minds at this museum. 

You can find The Children’s Museum of New Hampshire at 6 Washington Street in Dover, New Hampshire. Add it to your list of interesting things to do near Wells, Maine, on a rainy day!

Bonus: Lickee’s & Chewy’s Candies & Creamery is a one-of-a-kind, award winning, medieval themed candy store, chocolate factory & ice cream/dessert restaurant right across the street from the museum!

Flagship Cinemas

Looking for a great flick to pass the time on a rainy day in Wells? Flagship Cinemas is the place to go. Their comfortable recliners allow you to lounge and relax as you feast your eyes on the latest movie releases — this can be fun for the whole family!

Flagship Cinemas has a wide array of concession stand options to quench your thirst and fill your belly while you watch the hottest new movie. This is a good option if you and your family are tired from a long, adventurous trip in Wells; all you have to do is sit back and relax. 

Flagship Cinemas is located at 75 Wells Plaza in Wells, Maine, making it the perfect nearby option when you’re visiting this wonderful town. 

Boardwalk Arcade 

Whether you have little ones who enjoy gaming or you’re an arcade lover yourself, Boardwalk Arcade has options for everyone. This classic-style arcade is indoors and offers the perfect menu of things to do in Wells, Maine, on a rainy day. 

Each game costs $1 to $2 on average and is sure to keep you and the whole family entertained. Arcades are fun little windows into the past before games were available on a wide array of mobile devices. Spend some time digging into classic games with your family on your trip. 

Boardwalk Arcade is located at 359 Mile Road in Wells, Maine. Stop by on the next rainy day to enjoy a fun entertainment session!

Ogunquit Museum of Art

Are you an art enthusiast? Take a walk through the gorgeous Ogunquit Museum of Art on the next rainy day in Wells. These exhibits display unique, modern art pieces, offering a culturally satisfying experience. 

Sometimes, you just need a break from outdoor adventures, and the Ogunquit Museum of Art is the perfect place to escape to. Bask in the artistic glory of artists like Jim Morin as you relax and unwind on your vacation in Wells, Maine. 

You can find the Ogunquit Museum of Art at 543 Shore Road in Ogunquit, Maine. This is a very adult-friendly activity, but older children may love seeing the artwork with you. 

Portsmouth Historical Society

Fans of history will love their visit to the Portsmouth Historical Society in Portsmouth, NH. Located near Wells, Maine, this attraction offers visitors insight into the past, which provides historical context for modern society. 

Friendly tour guides will walk you through the historical landmarks in Portsmouth, as well as other U.S. events that are relevant. History buffs can count on learning something new at the Portsmouth Historical Society. 

Visit the Portsmouth Historical Society at 10 Middle Street in Portsmouth, NH, on the next rainy day in Wells!

Woodman Museum

Woodman Museum in Dover, NH, combines history, art, and science in its engaging and interesting exhibits. You can find accurate depictions of wildlife and natural habitats in this outdoorsy place, making it perfect for older children and adults alike. 

Woodman Museum displays old artifacts, fine art, animal mounts, and much more for visitors of all ages to enjoy. You can learn about the history and science behind some of New Hampshire’s local wildlife, including species that are often hunted and used for game meat. 

Children, military service members, teachers, and seniors receive a generous discount upon entry to Woodman Museum. You can find this interactive museum at 182 Central Avenue in Dover, NH. 

Don’t Let the Rain Hold You Back When You Visit Wells, ME

Rainy days don’t have to be dreary and boring. Use this list as a guide to find the perfect attractions for you and your family on the next rainy day in Wells, ME!

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