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Visiting Maine in the Spring: Your Travel Guide to Spring in Maine

The weather is growing warmer, trees and flowers will soon be greener, and it’s just about the perfect time to start planning a spring trip. Why not visit Maine?

The winters may be cold and snowy here, but spring in Maine can be sunny, green, and absolutely beautiful. It’s also a great time to come if you want to avoid the heart of tourist season and get the most out of all of the natural beauty and local charm this amazing state has to offer.

To help you do that, we’ve created this simple guide for anyone looking to visit Maine in the spring. There are a number of different seasonal events to look out for, springtime sights to see, and popular spots to stop by before the crowds have a chance to get there.

Table of Contents

  1. Spot Some Whales
  2. Celebrate Maine Maple Sunday
  3. Check Out Maine Botanical Gardens
  4. Visit a State Park
  5. Visit Acadia National Park
  6. Hit the Road
  7. Catch Some Restaurants Before the Rush
  8. Go Skiing

Spot Some Whales

Whale watching tours are synonymous with spring in Maine, and that’s because the height of whale watching season is from mid-April into May. If you’re here during this time, jumping on a boat tour to go out and catch some of these majestic creatures in action is something you won’t soon forget.

You can also hop on a puffin cruise anytime between April and August to catch a glimpse at the southernmost puffin colony on the planet.

Celebrate Maine Maple Sunday

If you’re around early enough, you can help ring in spring in Maine by taking part in Maine Maple Sunday. Held on the fourth Sunday of every March, this seasonal celebration includes all things maple syrup.

You can go to a participating sugarhouse (of which there are nearly 100) and take a tour, hop on a hayride, or taste-test some fantastic treats topped with all-natural, world-class maple syrup.

Check Out Maine Botanical Gardens

To really get that springtime feel, you need to see some greenery and smell some flowers. The best place to do that in Maine is at Maine Botanical Gardens. This attraction consists of over 300 acres of expertly cultivated gardens that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into the heart of the season.

May 1st is opening day at Maine Botanical Gardens, and it’s an amazing springtime event unto itself.

Visit a State Park

There’s no better place to witness the wintery world as it thaws into bright and blossoming spring than in one of Maine’s 32 different state parks. The state is known for its untouched natural beauty, but until you visit Maine in the spring and see it for yourself, you won’t know just how breathtaking it really is.

Some popular parks include Baxter State Park, Bradbury Mountain State Park, and Two Lights State Park. You really can’t go wrong with any of them, though, so pick the one that’s most convenient for your itinerary and check it out.

Visit Acadia National Park

If you want to take in the main attraction when it comes to parks in the state of Maine, you have to head over to Acadia National Park. This 49,075-acre park is absolutely packed with breathtaking sights that you won’t soon forget. There are very few national parks in the eastern half of the United States, which makes Acadia all the more special.

Hit the Road

Maine is a pretty large state, with 35,385 square miles of land. If you want to see as much of it as you can during your visit, your best bet is to make it a road trip. There are a number of great routes you can take that hit all kinds of scenic points, giving you an idea of what makes spring in Maine so wonderful.

Consider the Bold Coast National Scenic Byway or the Acadia All-American Road for two great examples of Maine’s many breathtaking scenic routes.

Catch Some Restaurants Before the Rush

Enjoying the local fare is generally a part of any good trip, but if you visit Maine in the spring, you’ll have a chance to sit down at some of the most popular restaurants around without dealing with all of the crowds.

Places like York, Southport, Portland, and Ogunquit are usually overflowing with tourists come summertime, but if you come in the spring, you stand a chance at beating the rush and enjoying some incredible food in a far more relaxed atmosphere.

Go Skiing

Maybe you’re not ready to relinquish your skis for the year. That’s totally fine because Maine is a fantastic place to say goodbye to the season.

The state is absolutely loaded with great ski resorts, including legendary Sugarloaf, as well as Sunday River and Saddleback. There’s no better place to get up that mountain one last time before the warmer weather rolls around.

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