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Your wedding reception menu should showcase you and your partner’s personality while offering diverse options. Fueling your guests with great food will keep the party going—literally! Keep these tips in mind when planning your perfect post-matrimony meal.

Provide Crowd-Pleasing Options

While you want to make your special day unique to you, make sure to include menu items that the general population typically likes as well. However, if you try to create a menu catered toward each guest’s food preferences, you’ll get lost in all the specifics. Keep some of your favorites, but consider providing inclusive options for other diets. For example, if you’re a vegan, provide both vegan and non-vegan menu items for your guests to choose from. Check out these catering menus to get your inspiration flowing.

Find Your Style

What do you want your reception flow to look like? If you’re considering a more formal event, find a caterer that provides a three-course, sit-down meal. If you want your reception’s focus to be on the music and celebration, choose a more informal meal or offer various hors d’oeuvres for your guests to grab before hitting the dance floor.

Overestimate the Headcount

Try to give your caterer a solid headcount in advance, and don’t short the amount of food the caterer recommends. Whether you’re having a sit-down or buffet-style meal, not having enough food is a surefire way of making guests crabby. Caterers usually cook about 10% more than the headcount, but it’s always better to have more leftovers than not. Plus, you never know if unexpected guests will show up!

Add Some Personal Touches

Having a special cocktail or dish, like a craft beer from your first date or an Italian dish from your first homecooked meal together, will give your guests a glimpse into your love story and showcase your evolution as a couple. Pick a few drinks or dishes that speak to you as a couple, and things you know would melt your guests’ hearts and keep their stomachs happy.

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