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7 Things to Do Near Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse in York, Maine

The Nubble Lighthouse on Cape Neddick is one of York, Maine’s most beloved attractions. During a trip to the Nubble Lighthouse, visitors can learn about the building’s long history, take in the beautiful ocean views, and catch a glimpse of some of the region’s native animals. Experiencing this piece of Cape Neddick culture is a memorable part of any trip to York.

But perhaps you’re wondering what there is to do before and after your excursion to the Nubble Lighthouse. During your time in and around York, there are many unique features to explore. Let’s take a look at 7 things you could do nearby the Nubble Lighthouse

  1. Visit York’s Best Beaches
  2. Go Antique Shopping In Town
  3. Take in the View at Nearby State Parks
  4. Experience the Iconic Cliff Walk
  5. Spot the Whales Off the Coast
  6. Visit an Art Gallery
  7. Take a Hike on Mount Agamenticus

Visit York’s Best Beaches

If you’re on vacation in York, there’s nothing better than a day at the beach. York is home to some of Maine’s most popular beaches, including the following:

  • Long Sands Beach
  • York Harbor Beach
  • Cape Neddick Beach

One thing to note is that Cape Neddick Beach is especially close to the Nubble lighthouse.

Some of York’s beaches offer soft, glittering sand perfect for laying in the sun or taking a swim, while others have particularly stunning views of miles of coastline. Depending on your preference, it’s easy to find the perfect beach to enjoy the beautiful weather and elevate your experience in York.  Also See: 11 Best Beaches In & Near York, Maine

Go Antique Shopping In Town

Many of Maine’s towns have long, storied histories spanning many generations, and York is no exception. This is why the town’s antique shops can offer such unique and interesting inventories.

There are many antique shops available to visit in York, including Hidden Treasures, Lost & Found Antiques, and the York Antiques Gallery. A trip to the antique shop is a great way to experience the local culture firsthand and find a truly one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home.  Also See: 8 Antique Shops to Check Out In & Around Kennebunkport & York Maine

Take in the View at Nearby State Parks

Though York is an inviting town with plenty to do and see, visitors can also enjoy the surrounding natural areas at one of the region’s many state parks. One of the best parts of York’s local state parks is that they range so greatly in type.

During your trip to York, you can experience some of the area’s best-preserved beaches at Crescent Beach State Park. If you’d like to explore nature while learning about the region’s history at the same time, you can take a closer look at artifacts from the Battle of Bunker Hill at Fort McClary State Historic Site. And if you’re interested in taking some incredible hikes, look no further than Vaughan Woods Memorial State Park.  Also See: 7 State Parks to Visit Near York, Maine

Experience the Iconic Cliff Walk

What if you want to experience the natural beauty of York without a strenuous hike? The Cliff Walk near York Harbor is the perfect option for visitors of all ages and abilities. This out-and-back walking trail is only one mile in length. However, during your walk, you’ll be able to take in a great deal of gorgeous scenery and enjoy that refreshing ocean air.  Also See: Take a Stroll Along the Cliff Walk in York, Maine

Spot the Whales Off the Coast

One of the most special experiences you can have during a visit to Maine is catching a glimpse of the many whales that make appearances throughout the year. Summer is the best season to go whale watching, as this is when the marine life that the whales feed on is most abundant.

During the summer months, hundreds of finbacks, minkes, pilots, and even some blue or North Atlantic whales will appear near the York shoreline. Visitors can sign up for whale-watching tours led by local experts or simply plan their own trip to the coastline to watch for these impressive creatures.  Also See: A Quick Guide to Whale Watching Near York, Maine

Visit an Art Gallery

York is home to a vibrant art scene, as are many of the nearby towns in Maine. If you’re an art lover, you can get to know the local artists of York through their work at establishments like the York Art Association, the George Marshall Store Gallery, and the Powder House Gallery.

Each of York’s galleries has its own unique presentation of exhibits that often change throughout the year to feature all kinds of artists. Some of the art spaces in York also host musical events that allow the town’s local songwriters and performers to display their talents. Also See: A Quick Tour of Art Galleries Between York & Ogunquit, Maine

Take a Hike on Mount Agamenticus

Mount Agamenticus is a summit near York that is protected by the Mount Agamenticus Conservation Region. This region contains over 10,000 acres of scenic coastal woodlands, where avid hikers can find their next favorite trail. Mountain bikers are also welcome on Mount Agamenticus. Also See: Mount Agamenticus Trail Map: Hiking & Biking Trails in York, Maine

Experience the Nubble Lighthouse and Enjoy York to the Fullest

Visiting the Nubble Lighthouse is a unique and special way to experience York. However, there are so many other incredible features of the town that will provide fun, enrichment, and amazing memories to share with loved ones.

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